Hello, my name is Kevin!

1994 I was born.

2008 I started to study graphic design at Istituto Sacro Cuore in Trento.

2013 I become member of the Clochart graffiti crew. I started to work as a freelancer for artists and some agencies.

2014 I started to study graphic design & multimedia at Laba in Brescia.

2017 I worked in a team for the creation of the Brescia Photo Festival‘s corporate and logo. Brescia Photo Festival hosted big photographers as Steve McCurry and Magnum. I become assistant of graphic design and computer graphic at Laba in Torbole. I started to work for Arriva as graphic designer and art director in Brescia.

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on the web: sanbaradio, brothaz, la terrasse, disassociated, laghi valsugana, summer jam